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Pitchfork PR  gives startup founders access to freelance publicists for a fraction of the cost of a traditional public relations agency.

Pitchfork PR is a subsidiary of Clique Marketing
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How does Pitchfork work? 🤔

We are specifically designed to help startups navigate the public relations landscape. We're scrappy enough to provide personal attention, yet experienced enough to take on an array of clients. Why do we do it? Our ultimate goal is to get more diverse voices into the media, and to have their stories share authentically, and consistently.

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We'll personally match you with opportunities and will email you every week with a briefing and key contacts.

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Pitchfork PR is less than 1% of the price of hiring a public relations agency (Seriously).

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For $125 per month, we'll send 25 media opportunities to your dashboard each week.
PLUS - you'll receive direct aceess to your own Pitchfork Publicist during buisness hours!
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We provide tangible, actionable tools to companies and individuals that are looking to incorporate public relations into their overall strategy - even if they aren't our clients.

Why? Because our goal is to diversify the media, one story at a time - and you're a part of that mission.

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Pitchfork PR is a subsidiary of Clique Marketing

PR is costly- but it doesn't have to be 📈

Pitchfork PR finds your perfect media opportunity, without you having to lift a finger - we believe that when people have access to quality resourses, they are more equipt to capitalize on the opportunities presented to them.


percent of PR specialists say that digital storytelling is the future

Source: USC Annenberg


dollars is the average monthly retainer for a mid-range PR agency

Source: Tigrett Agency


dollars is the average cost businesses pay for a single press release.

Source: Sword and the Script

Have questions? Check out our FAQ🧘

We're happy to answer any questions you may have! Have a question that's not covered below? 
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What makes Pitchfork PR different?

Accessibility and ease of use. Because we accept a smaller number of users, you're not on a list of 10,000+ other professionals that are pitching the same opportunities as you, also we believe that having access to media is only part of the need, our coaching is designed to give you fractional support on your need on your terms.

How can I be sure that the opportunities provided to me are a good fit?

We do our best to only include events that we think would be a good fit for you, but you can always research the event organizers before you contact them. During our onboarding process, our team will also sit down with you to discuss the types of media opportunities that you're interested in so that our suggestions to you are always relevant.

I don't have any media experience, can I still join?

Yes, you can still join! We will provide you with the resources and support that you need to get started in the industry. Feel free to send us an email and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can I cancel my subscription?

For our beta launch, we will be accepting a limited number of new users that will commit to a 3-month term (billed quarterly). Following this, our team will go back under development and re-release Pitchfork in March of 2023, all beta members will receive a lifetime coupon code when we transition as a thank you for being a founding member. Due to the nature of our services, no refunds are provided.

Do you share any paid media opportunities? 

Yes, because we focus on a variety of clients that fit within different levels of media experience, we try to provide a mix of paid, and complementary media opportunities. Our primary focus area is print media and speaking engagements.

I still have some addional questions, how can I contact your team?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to send us an email by clicking here.